L’Ecole Française fête la francophonie.

Mardi 20 Mars, à l’école primaire du Cap . Nous diffuserons le film “Le Temps d’Anna” Veuillez trouver tous les détails de ce film ci-dessous.
LE TEMPS D’ANNA (Switzerland, 2016) Directed by Greg Zglinski with Mathieu Simonet, Gaëlle Bona, Isabelle Caillat English title: « Anna’s Time » Canton of Neuchâtel, 1917 to 1933. A young watchmaker falls head over heels with a mysterious young woman. Jean and Anna get married, love each other madly and go through all life experiences together, supported by their happiness and friends at their side. Jean wants to invent a new waterproof watch, and the future looks promising. But Anna suddenly seems to suffer from a strange sickness which gets worse each day. Will Jean’s love for her be enough to save her? French-speaking film with English subtitles Genre: Drama || Duration: 1h31 min. Trailer: https://youtu.be/zSyalc_Gcyc Venue: Ecole Française (Sea Point Campus: Corner Tramway and Kings road)


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